Starring: Elizabeth Daily, Mark Elias, Weetus Cren, Richard T. Jones, Jon Polito & more.

This is a comic Horror movie about an independent film company trying to create a big blockbuster
serial killer film. They are trying to get a big action star to play the lead & a huge film company to
back the movie. As people from the film studio come to meet the crew people start getting killed off.
They have their offices in an old building where a violent murder happened. There are rumors that the
killer is still at large. The crew keeps trying to progress with getting the film produced & finished as
more & more of them get taken out. There are some typical campy parts with some typical Horror
movie & serial killer stuff, but it has a slight twist in areas to it. Not one of the best flicks out there,
but it was decent enough & was good to see E.G. Daily in another film.