DIEner (NR)

Starring: Maria Olsen, Jorge Montalvo, Joshua Grote, Parker Quinn, Liesel Kopp & more.

Ken is a wondering serial killer who has entered a late night diner on the side of the road. He seems
like a totally normal person when he first enters. He sits down, order his meal and strikes up a
conversation with the waitress. Shortly after he then kills the waitress and the late night cook. He
stuffs them in the freezer and out of the way. Once he cleans up the place he gets some visitors. A
young couple enters the restaurant an sits down for a late night meal. They get a little suspicious of the
guy when he starts acting weird and asking some strange questions. Then a local police officer enters
for a quick bit on his shift. He doesn't recognize the guy and also becomes suspicious. Ken must now
figure out how to deal with the couple and the cop. His problem are just about to get worst when the
waitress and cook come back to life as flesh eating Zombies. Now he must keep fend off the Zombies
and keep the others captive. The couple soon realizes and try to escape and not become Zombie food.
This flick was a little slow movie at first, but eventually kicks in. There are a few parts that actually
have a bit of comical parts, whether it was intentional I'm not sure. A decent flick with a few Zombies!