Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Meghan Ory, Diane Salinger, Matt Cohen, Shelly Cole & more.

Jeffrey Combs plays a master of illusion in this supernatural thriller / Horror film. He goes to a local
college to try and recruit some of the theater majors to come work for him. He proceeds to explain to
them that he is turning an old orphanage into a haunted house. He needs them to be bit players in the
haunted house. He takes them to the house and proceeds to show them some of the tricks he has in
store for the visitors. One of the girls named Claire has some surprises of her own. She once lived in
this house when she was an orphan and she witnessed a blood murder that happened within the
home. Well, some of the victims are still there and looking for revenge. What happens is that Jeffrey
Combs uses some freaky and scary illusions of killer creatures, serial killers, demons and more to
scare it's victims. Well, the illusions become real and start killing off all the people in the house. The
film was pretty decent, but could have been done a little better. The special affects and CGI work was
a little bit on the cheesy side, but effective. The whole reason to watch this film is for the great
Jeffrey Combs, the majority of the young adults were pretty annoying and you couldn't wait for them
to die, but that is one of the typical formats for Horror flicks.