Starring: Keri Russell, Dakota Goyo, J.K. Simmons, Josh Hamilton, Annie Thurman & more.

This film is about a nice suburban family that is suddenly changing and no one knows why. The
family starts really acting strange and doing some bizarre things. The family soon discovers that their
nice sweet family and peaceful home has been invaded by aliens. These bizarre things keep happening
every night when aliens come into their homes and start taking over their minds. They take over the
son first and the parents just think it's a kid acting out, but once the husband starts being taken over
they then start to believe. The whole family eventually gets taken over and the aliens start to reveal
themselves to the family. I am a strong believer that there has to be other life forms out there in the
universe, and I sure hope they are not like the aliens in this film. I have seen many, many alien Horror
films over the years and nothing has creeped me out more than this film other than
, which was based of real events. If you are freaked out by aliens and fear them, you are gone be
extremely disturbed by this film. If you are looking for straight up Horror, you might want to pass
over this film. One of my favorite films of the past five years. Check this film out and be prepared to
feel very uncomfortable and on edge!