DARKFALL is an amazing Thrash / Death Metal band out of Austria. These guys have
been creating crushing music since 1995. I have been a fan of these guys since the
beginning of their existence and have helped distribute some of their music in the past on
my label. I am really glad to see they are still kicking and putting out great music after all
these years.
DARKFALL has changed their sound slightly over the years. In the
beginning of their career they leaned more towards the Thrash Metal side of music, but as
the years went on they have added in more Death Metal influences to their sound. The
band has also gone through many line up changes over the years as well. These new
members and new influences I have felt only made the band stronger, more professional
and better musicians over the years. They have a very clean crisp old school Thrash
Metal sound that merges with modern day Death Metal music. You can hear a lot of
influences from both American and European Thrash / Death Metal in their sound. I like
the all out riffing and shredding the guitar sound with some modern Death grooves mixed
in. The vocals of Thomas Spiwak are done in a harsh, gritty Thrash Metal style that
sometimes crosses over into Death Metal like growls, but where you can still understand
them. I have come across many, many bands in my 20 years of doing
and DARKFALL has and always will be one of my favorite
underground bands. These guys have put out one great album after another and they have
done it again with "ROAD TO REDEMPTION". I know
DARKFALL is well known in
the underground Metal scene, but I feel they should be much better respected and more
well known. One truly amazing band from their early days to now. Every Metal
collection deserves to have
DARKFALL in it!!!