Starring: Tom Eplin, Sabrina Gennarino, Travis Brosen, Roshelle Baier, John Lee Ames & more.

This was a little bit of a different take on the Zombie genre. A comet crashes into earth and releases a
dust cloud that turns people into Zombies, or so we thought. There were space parasites in the comet
that infect the human hosts to turn them into Zombies. The different take is that the parasite enters in
the male genitalia and turns them into Zombies. From there the Zombies can infect everyone else in the
normal Zombie fashion, by bitting them and eaten them. There is a group of survivors who hid out in a
bunker, kind of like in
DAY OF THE DEAD, except there are no military soldiers. The majority of
them don't know each other, nor do they trust each other. They try to work together and figure out
what is going on and also how they can survive. The movie was pretty decent as far as low budget
Horror Zombie flicks go, but it's not the best Zombie flick out there, that's for sure. The film focused
more on the people in the bunker than the humans and it should have been the other way around. There
was enough blood and gore to keep me interested to watch all the way through.