DARK HAZE (2008)

Starring: Kathrine Bates, Chris Bruno, Kara Rose Dragun, Kyle Gass, Marilyn Ghigliotti & more.

Jack Wade has been forced to live in his late families creepy mountain side cabin after losing all his
money. He struggles to maintain his sanity while trying to take care of his comatose wife. He meets
some of the local folks and becomes leery of some and gets close to others. There are two rednecks
that he is very uncertain about. A young woman that he becomes very flirtatious with and more.
This is where he starts to lose it. He keeps having visions of his wife up and walking about. She
treats him horribly, screaming at him, belittling him and harassing him. Is this really happening or is
it the cabin itself haunted? The film is done like an old eighties Horror film, but with a little bit of the
typical clichés. There was little budget, but decent gore and decent story.