Starring: Rutger Hauer, Brian Hooks, Jud Tylor, Cherie Johnson, German Legarreta & more.

This film is another one of those teen pranks gone wrong type movies. It follows a bunch of college
kids who decide to unwind after their college finals. They end up going to a secluded mansion to have
some fun and celebrate. After some partying and drinking they decide to play some pranks on
people. They randomly dial phone numbers and play pranks on the unsuspecting person on the other
end. The pranks seem harmless enough until they connect with a serial killer. Things become
dangerously scary and the college kids fear for their life. There is a lot of mystery and on the edge of
your seat suspense. It has Rutger Hauer in it so you know your in for a decent thrill ride. Cool film
for at least one viewing.