Starring: Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Candice Alcola, Eric Podnar & more.

Two buddies decide to skip school and go hang out in an abandoned mental hospital. Once inside
the guys go exploring. When they hit the boiler room they discover something they never expected.
There is a naked body of a young woman wrapped in plastic lying on a gurney. The one guy
suggest to the other that they take advantage of the situation and have their way with the girl. The
one guy does have sex with the girl, but the other refuses. After he has sex with it they realize that
the girl wasn't dead, but in a coma. She awakens and freaks out. The boys decide to keep her
trapped there so they can do what they want to her. They soon will realize that there was a reason
why the girl was placed there and sealed up in the room. This was a bit bizarre and creepy but has a
really good twist in the end.