Starring: Bjorn Ahlstedt, Amy Lynn Best, Carla Bianco, Liz Duchez, Amanda Frost & more.

DEADTIME STORIES is an anthology type film presented by George A Romero that features three
different stories. I don't know why George A Romero would want to have his name attached to this
film. The stories are pretty bad and hold no strong interest for the viewer. The first story is "VALLEY
OF THE SHADOW" about a woman who is in search of her husband who disappeared three years ago.
She searches through the jungle and comes across some trouble of course. The story was really slow
and dragged on with no real excitement. The second story is "WET" about a guy who finds a box on
the beach and takes it to an antique shop. The guy there tells him a story about the box and the man of
course doesn't listen. A strange woman appears and his troubles begin. In the last story
"HOUSECALL" is the best of the three. A doctor gets a call from a woman about her son. The doctor
comes to the house to find the son tied to the bed. This story was directed by Tom Savini and was done
like and old Horror film. They must have paid George a decent amount of money to have his name
attached to this, cause these were pretty bad films.