Starring: Jerry Broome, Daphne Ciccarelle, Hilary Greer, Elisabeth Jamison, Dan Falcone & more.

DEATH ON DEMAND is about Sean McIntyre who twenty years ago slaughtered his entire family
in their home. He used his climbing hooks to kill them all and then hung himself. Now and Internet
entrepreneur named Richard Sachs  is offering $5000 to anyone who can survived one night in the
home. The rumors are that the home is haunted with the killers ghost. He is streaming the whole event
over the Internet for paying customers. There is a group of college adults that take him up on the
offer. Once they are all there and the cameras are rolling they decide to do a seance to try and make
contact with the killer. Little do they realize that they did conjure him up and they will all soon find
out, but it will be too late by then. There is a bunch of nudity and blood everywhere. The only thing
the group wants to do is have sex, but they are all gonna die. The film is very low budget and the
majority of the acting is cheesy and over the top. You kind of look forward to everyone dying and
can't wait for them to be kill. The film is OK for one viewing, but that's about it. Not bad for a
spirited serial killer flick, but I have seen better and also worst!