Starring: Brinke Stevens, Vesper Almasy, Tuesday Coren, Toby Dammit, J. Scott Bovitz & more.

DEMON SEDUCTION is not your typical type Horror film. This is definitely a low budget Horror
flick, but they add in the elements of Sci-Fi & Erotica. The film about scientist on Earth who are
doing experiments on an discovered ancient demon skull. They are trying to unlock the origin of the
demon species. In doing so they some how find out that the demons created the human race as well a
race of gray aliens. The humans wiped out the grays and are now fighting against the humans to keep
their species alive. The humans decide the best way to save themselves from the demons is to send in
a bunch of hot naked woman & have them sexually seduce the demons. This film comes off more as a
late night soft core sex movie with a dumb storyline thrown in. Now that you know this, you know
that the script and acting are going to be really cheesy and bad. It is, but if your looking for a ton of
naked women, then your gonna love this flick. The parts that were supposed to be Horror related
were very poorly done and the so called erotic scenes, were not that erotic at all. This was definitely
made to be able to get a bunch of chicks naked, not that I'm against that, but I still like to have a little
something else along with it. If you want a good story, good acting and great action and gore, look
some where else, but if you want a butt load of nudity, you've come to the right place! If you are a
huge fane of Brinke Stevens, which is why I wanted to see this film, then you'll want to check it out