Starring: Tom Savini, Daniel Maclagan, Nicole Petty, Sophie Holland, Richard Cambridge & more.

DEMONIC also known as FOREST OF THE DAMNED is about a group of friends who buy and
old van so they can go on a road trip. Along the way they get lost and stop at a bar for directions.
They talk to an old man who warns them about the woods. There have been a bunch of people who
have gone missing in those woods. They kind of blow the man off and go on their way. While driving
along they almost hit a naked woman who was in the middle of the road. The woman ends up fainting
and they want to try and get her help. They come across a mail box and head through the woods to
find the house. Once in the woods they get chased by naked female demons who hunt them down for
their own blood lust. This film was really really slow moving and bit boring in places. It follows a
typical storyline and has typical characters. The only redeeming value the film had was that genre
favorite Tom Savini is in it. There are a ton of naked women walking around with sharpened Demon
teeth. There are a ton of way better Demon possessed films out there than this, but true die hard
Horror fans would want to give it at least one viewing.