Starring: Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, Karl Zinny, Fiore Argento, Paola Cozzo & more.

A mysterious man hands two girls some free passes to a film playing at a newly renovated Gothic
movie theater. The girls and a bunch of their friends decide to attend the films premiere. The theater
gets some other people to attend as well. Everyone settles in and the film soon starts. It is a Horror
flick about some kids messing around in a cemetery where and ancient curse is released. As the
story continues the people in the theater start turning into possessed demons. The demons start
attacking the other people in the theater and tearing everyone to shreds.  This was a decent flick
that I'm sure most of you have seen before since it's been out for a little while and that it was also
directed by the great Italian director Dario Argento.