Starring: Roberts Blossom, Cosette Lee, Leslie Carlson, Robert Warner, Marcia Diamond & more.

I have seen this movie a bunch of times, but don't think I ever did a review for it. The film is loosely
based on the true life events of Serial Killer Ed Gein. I say loosely because some of the facts are
incorrect and also they have added in some other stuff that Ed Gein didn't really do. Ed Gein was
named "The Butcher Of Plainsfield" after some of his victims were discovered. The main character is
Ezra Cobb who is a backwoods Wisconsin farmer. He travels into town every so often for some
supplies and other stuff he needs around his farm. He is known to the towns folk as kind of being a
loner, but nothing to strange. While in town he spots some women. He likes to kill torture and stuff his
victims to keep himself company. He then proceeds to go to town for his next victim. He captures a
young lady and begins torturing her and plans on doing to her what he has don to previous victims.
This is a slow moving film in the beginning, but quickly picks up. It's not a straight up Horror flick, but
more of a True Crime type film, but it does contain the telling of a true life Horror monster, which is
man. This is more horrific to me than most Horror films because this is based off of what someone has
already done! Shows you how sick the human mind can be!!! Loved it! One of the best films based off
of the legend of Ed Gein!