DEUS OTIOSUS is a killer old school Death Metal band hailing from Denmark. These
guys formed back in 2005 and have been crushing it ever since. "GODLESS" is the bands
second full length release after "MURDERER" which came out in 2010. These guys play
and old school style of Death Metal that harkens back to the early days of Death Metal
music. They have a rawness that almost borders on Black Metal music at times. I remember
getting a lot of demos from bands back in the day from Denmark and these guys continue to
represent the Denmark Metal scene proudly. The grittiness of their music really takes you
back to those days of tape trading with every band you could find. Not that their
productions is bad, but it's true unpolished Death Metal at heart, not like a lot of these
newer bands that are doing everything they can to sound more amazing then they truly are.
DEUS OTIOSUS plays true tuned down Death Metal with no gimmicks, just pure talent.
I loved the harsh throaty growling styled vocals of Anders Bo Rasmussen. They kind of
chill you to the bone with the raw coldness they posses. Sometimes you can hear some
Thrash metal influences coming out in the guitar work of Peter Engkjaer & Henrik
Engkjaer, maybe because they are brothers, maybe not. These guys are a well rounded,
fresh take on the old school style of Death Metal that is infused with both Black & Thrash
Metal music as well. Another killer release from these guys and hopefully with them being
DEEPSEND RECORDS they will get a lot more recognition that they deserve!!!