Starring: Jaime Murray, Colin Salmon, Craig Fairbrass, Danny Dyer, Sean Pertwee & more.

An underground government group creates a virus and a cure, but the cure has been lost and the virus
has spread. The virus infects people and runs through their systems and transforms them into
Zombies. These Zombies are very violent, aggressive and fast. When the transformation starts the
peoples bodies get these thick black vein like marks all over their bodies and then they turn into full on
Zombie mode. These Zombies remind me a little of the Zombies, or Infected from
They are not rotting and decaying, but freshly turned. A group of survivors band together to try and
live and make it out some how alive. Some of the people are friends and are very suspicious of some
of the other people in the group. They start fighting among themselves and leave some for dead with
the Zombies. They soon realize that one of them is immune to the virus and try to get her to a safe
facility and maybe make a cure. This film was done really well and had a lot of action, Zombies and
blood and guts. It was a U.K. made film which made it even better, plus it had the great Danny Dyer
in the leading role as well. Definitely one for Horror fans, especially Zombie fans.