Starring: Rachel Murphy, Reshad Strik, Eli Roth, Henry Thomas, Carmin Chaplin & more.

A young group of film makers are shooting a remake on location in Transylvania. While there the
film crew discovers some old footage of a woman being murdered on film. What they don't realize is
that by them watching the footage they set of a chain of supernatural events. Strange things begin to
happen on the set as well as to some of the film crew on the set. This is a creepy supernatural
thriller film that is adapted from a short story of Hideo Nakata who wrote the Japanese Horror hit
THE RING. In some ways this film has a dark vibe like a lot of the Japanese Horror movies. I was
expecting this to be a little more exciting to watch, but it was mostly a slow paced flick with some
cool gore parts in the death scenes. Eli Roth who directed the
HOSTEL movies co-stars in the film
as well as Henry Thomas who played Elliot in the
E.T. movie.