Starring: Ciara Richards, Adrianna Eder, Jackey Hall, Tiffany Shepis, Andrea Ownbey & more.

Clare and Julie are two really snotty girls at the college and they hold a grudge against two Goth
girls named Sarah and Allison. They are always tormenting them and trying to make them look
stupid in front of the rest of the school, but in return make them look like the dumb ones. Some
strange event happens and a Zombie invasion on the campus begins. Clare tries to make the Goth
girls the next victims, but then they all must work together to survive. The movie is low budget and
done a little cheesy. They do a lot of the typical cliché things in the majority of Horror films. All
you want to happen is for them to be eaten and the Zombies to kill everyone. Not one of the better
Zombie flicks out there, but worth one viewing.