Starring: Cyrille Iste, Jacques Regis, Thomas Smith, Sandrine Thoquet, Magalie Madison & more.

DRACULA'S FIANCÉE, also known as LA FIANCÉE DE DRACULA, which is a French
Dracula film from famed French director Jean Rollins, who is mostly known for his erotic Vampire
films. This film takes him back to the Vampire genre again, but with less of the erotic nature. A
Professor, sort of a Van Helsing type and his assistant are on the hunt for the remains of Count
Dracula when they are transported into a strange world. This is a parallel universe and is filled with
lots of strange creatures and beings. Along their journey they come across a jester and his Vampire
concubine, crazed nuns, weird winches an ogre who eats babies, a crimson She-Wolf creature. They
all end up in this seaside castle, that turns out to be Dracula's castle. This film is done in the typical
style that Jean Rollin is known for and has that creepy French 70's Horror Vampire Gothic feel. It
almost felt like a
HAMMER FILMS movie from the 70's. If you dig films of the past and foreign
ones at that then you'll love