Starring: Daniel Gillies, Yoshino Kimura, Mimo Ninagawa, Ryo Ishibashi, Thom Irvine & more.

DREAM CRUISE is and episode of the Showtime series MASTERS OF HORROR. This episode
was directed by Norio Tsuruta who is the Japanese Horror director of the film
RINGU. In this story
a business man  is invited on a cruise by one of his clients. The man accepts the offer and meets the
client on his boat. Once there he is greeted by the clients wife. The man knows her already, because
he has been sleeping with her. The man soon joins them and they set sail. The cruise starts off
normal until the man reveals that he knows they have been sleeping together. The film is not really a
Horror film, but more of a thriller. It was a little slow for the first half, but then picks up in the
second half.