Starring: Alonzo F. Jones, Shamika Ann Franklin, Anne Marie Pazmino, Lee Perkins & more.

The film takes place during a global apocalypse where the undead roam the earth. This is like three
small films in one as they follow the adventures of three different people as they try to survive.
One person is trapped by Vampires and needs to find a new way to survive. Another guy finds
some way to super power his computer to use as a weapon. The last story is of a little boy who
unleashes a new form of evil. They must defend themselves against Vampires, flesh eating Zombies
and priest hell bent on destroying everything in the name of God. This is a low budget Horror /
Adventure type flick. It was a little slow at times and not all the stories were as good as the others,
but I can still appreciate the way they mashed the stories up to be taking place during the same time.