Self Released

Hailing from Estonia comes this fairly new symphonic Power Metal band named
EMPHASIS. EMPHASIS has only been around since 2010 and have been creating a name
for themselves. They have performed many shows and festivals all along the way building a
fan bas for themselves. Their music is so well writing and performed, you would think this
band have been at it for decades. The music is done in a Power Metal style, but it does have
elements of Progressive & Traditional Heavy Metal all present. The songs are arranged in a
very symphonic style that does make you feel like your listening to some modern Black
Metal or Folk Metal at times. I have really been loving bands like what
doing lately, cause they take a familiar sound and add so much to it that it's so far from a
typical Metal band that it sucks you in and makes you just keep wanting more and more.
The combination of the guitar and keyboards work so well off each other and just
intertwined so well together that they melt together as one sound sometimes. Once you add
in the beautiful and angelic vocals of Anna "Roxanna" Ganina, you get a musical master-
piece that is like a Rock opera. Her vocal range is amazing and she adds so much to the
bands sound, which would probably have been ruined if it were male vocals. If you were to
blend together
together with more atmospheric & symphonic elements you would get a small
idea of what
EMPHASIS has to offer. The only way to truly appreciate what they have to
offer is to check them out for yourself. You won't be disappointed in the least bit. I love
this band and am anxiously awaiting what they have for us next!