Starring: Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithon Hergott, Eleanor Wilson & more.

EPISODE 50 is a documentary style film about two television paranormal crews. One crew believes
in the paranormal entities and one crew is there to debunk that anything is real. They are both teaming
up for the first time for a special episode of their reality show. The two groups are paid by a wealthy
man to investigate a supposedly haunted insane asylum. Both groups do investigate and are some what
surprised at what they find. The story is a bit slow moving and the story is a bit weak, but if you like
the found footage type supernatural films then you will probably enjoy this film. There is barley any
scares or frightful parts at all and some of the special effects were almost laughable. The acting and
story line were OK but I have seen much better films of this style out there. I feel maybe if this film
had a better budget that it could have been a much better film. View at your own risk!!!