EVIL DEAD (Remake)  (R)

Starring: Lou Taylor Pucci, Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas, Shiloh Fernandez, Elizabeth Blackmore & more.

First off, I am a huge fan of the original
EVIL DEAD films & I am not a big fan of remakes either. I
was very sceptical about this film being any good. I am also a big fan of Bruce Campbell & Sam
Raimi's films. Knowing that Bruce wasn't going to be in the film or his Ash character I was really
starting to doubt this film. Then knowing that Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi & Robert Tapert where all
going to be producing and directing this as they did with the original then I was anxious to see it again.
I tried to go into watching the film with an open mind and not comparing it to the original. The story
was changed a little bit around, but the basic concept was still there. A group of friends heads to a
secluded cabin in the woods to help out one of their friends kick her drug habit. The girls is the sister
of one of the guys, one of the friends is a nurse, one is a science teacher & one is the girls friend of the
brother. The get the main girl Mia to try and stop using drugs and kick her habit. She starts going
through withdrawal and spazing out. They smell something really funky in the house and search the
hidden cellar. They find a bunch of dead animals that were used in a ritual sacrifice along with the
Necronomicon, "The Book Of The Dead". They take it up stairs and the teacher starts reading from the
book. He then unknowingly unleashes the evil in the woods. The evil calls to Mia and she starts
wondering the woods and tries to escape. The woods don't let her escape and proceed to rape her. This
is when everyone starts to become possessed by the evil and attacking each other and mutilating
themselves. They must survive the night in order to escape the evil. Can they survive, of course not,
which is good for us, the Horror viewer. The story has some different twists and definitely more blood
and gore than the original. I liked how the way the new film ended better than the original. There is a
lot of stuff about the original I liked more and a lot about the remake I liked more. I have heard a lot of
criticism about the remake and a lot of praise as well. I watched the original right after the remake and
found a real appreciation for both. If you can go into this with an open mind and don't compare it to the
original then you can really love this film as much as all of us that grew up with original love that one.
Yeah, the movie had some flaws, I wish the pencil / ankle scene was in it, but love the tongue / box
cutter scene. It is definitely one of the better Horror remakes out there. Thank God Bruce & Sam did
this, cause it could have been a really horrible film with out them.