Starring: AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, John Waters, Malcolm McDowell & more.

EXCISION is a very dark and disturbing Horror film about Pauline played by AnnaLynne McCord.
Pauline is a disturbed teenager who aspires to be a great surgeon some day. She is really dark and no
one seems to like her. Even her own mother and father don't really like her. The only one who cares
for her is her younger sister who is dying of Cystic Fibrosis. She goes to extremes with everything
she does. She has this horrific dreams of necrophilia fantasies where she is have sex with all these
different dead people. This seems very disturbing and shocking, but the way the film is shot is done
in a very dramatic, beautiful and artistic way. If it was done any other way, you would be disgusted
with yourself for watching it. She wants nothing more than to fit and get the acceptance of her
mother. She tries to do things with the other kids in school to try and fit in and for some other
reasons that will be revealed at the end. The end of this film was very shocking even though you
some what see it coming. This was such a "killer" film with great storyline, great acting and very
believable characters. AnnaLynne McCord was simply amazing in the lead roll that you feel for her
and can relate to what she is going through. One of the best and most bizarre films I've seen in awhile.