Starring: Daniel Buder, Luise Bähr, Jerry Coyle, Klaus Ebert, Christian Stock, Bina Milas & more.

EXTINCTION is a German Zombie film that takes the Zombie in sort of a new direction. This film
is about a retrovirus that cross breeds the genes of plants, animals and humans. The virus is unleashed
and spreads quickly through the human population and turns everyone into some weird human
mutations. They sort of look like Zombies, but they seem to act and look a little different than the
typical Zombies. The film sort of follows the same concept of
THE WALKING DEAD, where a lone
survivor wakes up and doesn't know what has happened. He soon discovers what is going on and is
looking for other survivors. He soon finds some and joins in with them and hope they can find others
and do what ever they can to survive. They come across a fenced in compound and convince the
people inside to let them in. The group inside keep killing off the Zombies as they come close to the
compound. The film focuses more on the people trying to survive the apocalypse over the gore and
Zombies. The film was a bit slow moving, but still a decent Zombie flick. The only thing I wish was
that they would have elaborated more on the virus and how it created the Zombies, because it was a
different and interesting take on the Zombie genre. Not the typical Zombie film, so if that's what your
looking for, you may want to check out something else. If you like your Zombie flick with a slight
twist then you might enjoy this film!