Starring: Anita Ekberg, Gianni Medici, Diana Lorys, Rosanna Yanni, Cesar Benet & more.

Anita Ekberg plays Sylvia Morelle a model who has inherited a castle. Her uncle has contacted her to
inform her that her mother has passed and she needs to come back to Rome. She arrives at the castle
where she will sign the papers and inherit the castle. When she gets there her uncle is no where to be
found. He later appears after night fall. He shows her around the castle and introduces her to some
ladies of the house. She sees some of the paintings around the house and notices the likeness of her
and her grandmother. At night she is awoken by a mysterious lady in black that tells her who her
uncle really is and what really  happened to her mother. There is a group of Vampires living in the
bowels of the castle and they are after Sylvia. I'm not a huge Vampire fan, so I don't like a lot of these
types of films, but this was a good classic foreign Vampire story!