Starring: Mark Frost, Isabel Brook, Jennifer Rope, Jeffrey Combs, Monica Van Campen & more.

John is distraught after the brutal murder of his beloved girlfriend. He is approached by and agent of
the devil only known as "M". He offers him a deal with the devil to seek the revenge he so much
desires. He gets his wish and receives some extra super powers that lets him take out the revenge on
anyone committing horrible crimes. The longer he obtains the powers from the devil the harder it is
for him to control them. The powers are making him do more and more evil and violent things. Now
he has the struggle of fighting off the urges of doing horrific things. This movie is based on a comic
book of the same name. The comic was done way better than the movie. The film is OK for one
viewing, but done a little cheesy. The soundtrack is a really killer Metal soundtrack though. Watch
the film and then pick up the soundtrack!