Hailing from Montreal Canada comes the Metalcore band FAYNE. These guys have been
kicking around their home country for over ten years now and have been building up a
loyal fan base along the way. They have a foundation of Metalcore music that they build
off of, but they add in some flare to mix things up and make them stand out a little more
than other bands in their genre. The music itself has a more grooved oriented style rather
than a spastic Metalcore sound or vibe. They then in a lot of straight forward Thrash &
Death Metal riffs and hooks, especially in the guitar work. They then toss in a bunch of
chunky and grooved out drums that are done in a solid old school Hardcore style.
also adds in some slower Sludge like melodic parts amongst all the heaviness. The vocals
is where the band really stands out from a lot of the other bands of this style. Joseph
Epsinosa's vocals vary from mid ranged Death Metal growls, straight into some Hardcore
screaming vocals to some clean and melodic vocals that reminded me of Corey Glover of
LIVING COLOUR mixed with Mike Patton of FAITH NO MORE. These guys would
be hard to really place in just one genre, but I could see fans of Metalcore, Thrash, Death,
Hardcore & Post Hardcore all enjoying what these guys are bringing to the table. A very
cool and interesting band that I look forward to hearing a lot more from in the future.