Starring: Aaron Ashmore, Haylie Duff, Lucy Hale, Kyle Scmid, Anne Marie Deluise & more.

A group of friends gather together for a spring break getaway. They take a boat to a remote island
where one of the friends families owns a house. They arrive there safely and start to party. After a
long night of partying, drinking, having sex and getting to know each other better the fun soon ends.
The next morning they find the dead body of the caretaker of the house and try to figure out what
happened. The friends all start looking to find out if someone else is on the island with them. As they
go out looking each one of them gets killed off in different ways. After each one is them murdered
the killer has left a word as a clue for them. As they find more clues and more friends are found dead,
they try to piece together the words and figure out what is going on. This film was originally made
for TV in Canada. The film reminded me of a lot of the Slasher films I grew up watching in the '80's.
It had a bunch of typical characters, with a body count piling up and a bunch of unique ways of
killing off the victims. The film is told by the one survivor who was found by the police. She was
taken into custody while waiting her parents arrival and recounts what happened on the island. This
is by far not the best who done it Slasher film out there, but it's still a decent one, especially if your a
child of the '80's Slasher genre. The film stars Aaron Ashmore from the
X-MEN movies and the TV
THE FOLLOWING plus Hillary Duff's sister Haylie!