LIONS GATE FILMS (2008-2009)

Starring: Margherita Donato, Valerie Womack, Marie Zydek, Andressa Ester & more.

FEAR ITSELF is an anthology TV show that follows the same concept as the MASTERS OF
show, which I think this show was made after that one ended. The thing that is the major
different between the two is that
MASTERS OF HORROR was on Showtime and this show was on
NBC. So you know this show wasn't as gory or violent. The stories here were for the most part good,
but some of the ways they were done were a bit cliché and predictable. The stories had more of a
suspense thriller feel than an all out Horror feel. These were done as one episode per story, so every
week there was a completely new story with new actors. The one I liked the most was the one where
a serial killer who was being transferred to another prison and is being held up in a jail cell over night.
The serial killer is also a cannibal and keeps intimidating the police in the jail. Then something  
happens and he escapes and starts killing all the police officers. There is a very cool TV show that
only lasted one season and could have gone on for more, but it just didn't hold up as well as the
MASTERS OF HORROR show. As far as regular TV goes for a Horror show this is one of the
better ones out there, cause it had a lot of the greats in the Horror industry involved.