Starring: Jenny Wade, Martin Klebba, Diane Goldner, Hanna Putnam & more.

FEAST films are one of the best & original Horror series to come about in the last 10 years. I
really enjoyed the first two films a lot. They had the right balance of Horror & comedy mixed
together. This third installment kind of let me down though. The film picks up right where the 2nd
one left off. The people of the small town are trapped on the roof of a building trying to escape
these vicious & disgusting alien type creatures, when they are attacked & forced to seek refuge
somewhere else. They head for the sewers. They tried being up above them so now maybe below
will be the only way they can escape. There is a good blend of the Horror & comedy & gore again,
but this one has gone even further & more far fetched. Some of the new characters were annoying &
you couldn't wait to see them die. The ending made no sense at all, which I'm sure is exactly how
they wanted it to end!