Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Ellen Wroe & more.

This is the fifth installment in the
FINAL DESTINATION franchise. The film fallows the same
formula as the previous films. Someone has a premonition of a huge disaster that will violently take the
lives of a bunch of people. He then realizes that it's about to come true and tries to save as many people
as he can. In this film it's the collapse of a huge suspension bridge. Once the incident is over and the
people who were supposed die were saved they must all watch their backs as death is creeping around
every corner. This film kind of had the feel of the first two films and was a bit darker and more gorier
than the past two films. The death scenes were a bit more original and were more hard to figure out.
Just when you think you know how someone was going to die, there's a twist and they die some other
way. I'm a big fan of these films and think that they are some of the better Horror films released in
years. If you dig the other films in this series, then you'll dig this film too.