Starring: William Hinzman, John Mowod, Leslie Ann Wick, Kevin Kindlin & more.

A group of young teens out for some Halloween fun decide to take a haunted hayride through the
woods. They then decide to camp out in the woods & have some drinking & sexual fun. Their night
turns into a night of never ending terror when they are attacked by crazed zombies out for some
flesh. Most of them fall victim to the zombies & become zombies themselves. The authorities hunt
down the zombies, but they are not sure if they get them all & there is no real conclusive ending.
This was way low budget with lots of bad acting, story & special effects, if you can call them that.
This is one were you can't wait to see all the people get killed, because they are very annoying. Not
one of the better low budget Zombie Horror flicks out there!