Starring: Calista Flockhart, Richard Roxburgh, Elena Anaya, Gemma Jones, Yasmin Murphy & more.

Clista Flockhart is a nurse who takes a job in a hospital in England that is slated to be closed down.
The hospital is filled with mostly children with a few staff members left in the building. The children
are all orphans and don't have any family members, all they have is this hospital. The children are set
to be transferred to another hospital, but something doesn't want them to leave. Calista ends up being
drawn to one of the young girls that knows something about the hospital they are in and why it's
being closed down. As her and the young girl get closer she starts telling her of what is on the upper
floors in the building. There is something up stairs that has a hold over these children and wants them
to stay in the hospital. This thing that they call the "mechanical girl" will stop at nothing to keep them
there. This evil spirit or ghost starts to terrorize the rest of the staff and starts killing them all off.
This wasn't an all out Horror flick, but more of a super natural thriller and was done kind of in the
vein of
THE RING & THE GRUDGE movies. There was a slow build up to the story, but it all pays
off in the end. This was a cool creepy Horror flick which I think die hard and run of the mill Horror
fans will enjoy.