Starring: Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Winona Ryder & more.

FRANKENWEENIE is a stop motion film done by Tim Burton and DISNEY. How can you go
wrong, right? You can't! This story is one that just about everyone can relate to. It follows young
Victor who's dog Sparky gets hit by a car and passes away. Victor, who also experiments with science
decides he's gonna bring Sparky back to life. He does this in the classic Dr. Frankenstein way. He
send the dog up into the sky during a lightening storm and waits to he gets hit. When he brings him
down, Sparky's tail starts to wag and he is once again alive. When all the other kids find out they want
Victor to bring their pets back to life as well. This is OK until all the pets start causing havoc within
the town. This is a very, very cool film that kind of melts together Tim Burton's
& CORPSE BRIDE with the classic FRANKENSTEIN monster movies.
They do add in a lot references to other classic
UNIVERSAL monsters and others. Every person who
has ever loved a dog or pet and lost them will be touched by this story. I was really taken by this
film, because I love Tim Burton's films, as well as the classic
UNIVERSAL monster films and a little
bit before I saw this film I had to put my dog Benjamin to sleep after 17 years. He was definitely my
best friend and the greatest pet I ever had, so I knew how Victor was feeling through out this whole
film. Great animation and a great story with more of an adult them then a child's.