Starring: Elizabeth Rice, Kelly Blatz, Laura Allen, Adam Goldberg, Rumer Willis & more.

There has been a curse that was set loose on a small town in Maryland. It causes people to commit
suicide as it moves from person to person. The overly religious town folk have committed against a
witch many many years prior and now they are coming after the same family many years later. The
heroine of the story tries to protect the last surviving member of the clan. A romance blossoms
between the two as the rest of the tension builds with the rest of the towns people. More and more
people keep offing themselves and the religious folks start going after the family, who they believe is
behind the deaths. This was a pretty dark story that was more like a suspense thriller than an all out
Horror flick. I thought this was more like and adult version of the crappy
TWILIGHT films, but
with Witches instead of cheesy Vampires. If you like a dark Witch type film and don't mind all the
religious stuff happening then you will dig this film. It turned out to be different than I thought and
for the better.