Starring: Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zeggers, Ed Ackerman, Rileah Vanderbilt & more.

Three friends set out on a weekend on the slopes doing some skiing and snowboarding. They hit the
slopes a few times through out the day and convince the chair lift operator to let them go one more
time. They head on up the hill for one last run. The operator gets called away and another operator
takes over. He tells him there is no one else on the lift, so the new operator shuts it down. The three
of them get stuck up on the lift with no one else around. The other thing is the resort is closed down
for the week, so no one is coming by to help them. They try to figure out ways to escape before
they freeze to death. This was a very intense film from the moment they get stuck to the very end.
It makes you feel like you are stuck there with them. A highly recommended film.