Starring: Katie Peterson, Shea Stewart, Brandy Whitford, Caley Hayes, Krystyna Ahlers & more.

GIRLS GONE DEAD is a Comedy / Horror version of the GIRLS GONE WILD video series. The
film follows six college friends who meet up for spring break in a shore side house. Along the way
they stop at a bar and meet up with some guys. They tell the guys where they are headed and soon
these guys tag along. At another beach house not far from where they are staying is a party house
where they are filming a
GIRLS GONE WILD type video. The party has a bunch of beautiful young
women getting naked & having sex for the camera. In typical Horror fashion, everyone who is having
sex or doing drugs ends up getting killed. The killer in this film is a battle axe wielding man dressed
like a monk in a mask. There is a lot of comedy mixed in with gore and the killings that is really campy
and almost done as a spoof. There is no really dark or mysterious creepy parts. The majority of the
film is shot during the day or in well lit scenes. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, which is
obvious from the name and script, plus the film has
BETTLEJUICE from the Howard Stern show in
it. How serious can it be. If your looking for a fun watch with some killer death scenes, some laughs
and lots of naked women then you've come to the right place.