Starring: David Andrews, Kelly Wolf, Stephen Macht, Andrew Divoff, Brad Dourif & more.

GRAVEYARD SHIFT follows a drifter who ends up in a small town looking for a job. He eventually
gets hired on at a textile mill. The employees there don't like their boss and for good reasons. One
being that they are stuck working the weekend of a holiday. To make things worst, the mill is over run
by rodents. The boss brings in an exterminator to get rid of the rats. The workers and the exterminators
are trying to find the source of where the rodents are coming from. They head to the basement and
soon discover that the mill has more secrets then they thoughts. There are some sub basements to the
mill. Once they go down they soon realizes there are graves under the old mill. They go exploring in
the basements and then find themselves waste deep in sewage water. A giant slime covered rodent
emerges from the deep to kill all those who are in it's lair. The one reason every Horror fan should see
this film is because it's based of a short story written by Stephen King from his book
The second reason Horror fans should see it, is because it stars Brad Dourif as the creepy weird
exterminator. This film seems a bit dated and campy for todays standards, but it is still a decent Horror
Creature flick!