Starring: Cherish Lee, Brent Fidler, Benjamin Pitts, Nick Mathis, Rebekah Brandes & more.

Rachel Wilson feels she is lucky to have survived a horrible car crash, until she begins to be chased by
the Grim Reaper. She does what she can to escape the fate that the Grim Reaper has for her. She tries
to get help from family and friends and they all think she is going crazy. Eventually they put her in a
mental hospital to get some help. While there the Reaper still is after her and she seeks help from some
of the other patients. These patients are all survivors of horrible accidents and the Reaper is out to
collect their souls. This was an OK film, but definitely not one of the best out there. The story was
kind of a rip off of the
FINAL DESTINATION film series, but not done quite as cleverly done. The
film doesn't have much gore and is done more like a suspense thriller movie rather than a Horror flick.