Starring: Debbie Rochon, Dan Ellis, Nathan Dashwood, Ronald Patrick, Lloyd Kaufman & more.

HANGER is definitely not a movie for every Horror fan out there. This is a low budget b Horror that
reminded me of a lot of the Horror flicks that
TROMA FILMS put out. It even stars TROMA
favorites Debbie Rochon & Lloyd Kaufman. The film is done like an exploitation film about a botched
back alley abortion gone wrong. The child survives and grows up deformed and demented. He learns
about the pimp who pregnates his mother and forces her to do the abortion. He seeks out the pimp and
kills him. Once he does he builds up a lust for more blood and continues on a bloody rampage. There is
a ton of gruesome bloody violent scenes, plus some really gross and unsettling scenes as well. The film
goes extremely over the top in every way possible. If you think you can handle this vile, brutal and
horrible film then definitely try viewing it, but if not, you have been warned and stay clear away.