Starring: Dee Wallace, Brent Lydic, Stephanie Greco, Clark Perry, Adrian Bustamante and more.

This is not the big budget film that was in the theaters earlier this year. This version is a direct to
video movie that is a modern twist on the old fairy tale. In this version, brother and sisters Hansel &
Gretel live a recluse area of the woods and they always go exploring. The one day they discover and
old house in the woods. This is where and old lady lives with her two sons. The two go inside to
look around when they get snagged by the sons. They are placed in a holding cell in the basement of
the house. Here they find more teens who have also been kidnapped. They all try to find a way to
escape, but one of them is taken. They soon find out that the old lady is trying to fatten up all her
captives so she can cook them and eat them. This is a new twist on the classic story and is very low
budget. It had a lot of the typical B Horror clichés, but I still thought it was done pretty decent. I
love the fact that Dee Wallace plays the evil old witch and she is pretty nasty in this one. It was
weird to see her this way, because she is usually the sweet mom character. I think true die hard fans
of low budget B Horror movies will appreciate this film, but if your a fan of just the big budget,
typical Hollywood crap, then your gonna want to skip this one.