Starring: Doug Bradley, Kevin Bernhardt, Lawrence Mortorff, Terry Farrell, Ken Carpenter.

In this third installment the series starts to take a different direction. The story takes place in New
York and mostly in a night club. J.P. is the owner of the night club and also a lover of obscure art.
He picks up a strange looking column that actually contains the box and Pinheads face. During a
struggle with one of his female concurs some blood gets spilled on the column. The blood gets
sucked inside and now the soul of Pinhead keeps appearing to J.P. to bring him more flesh. Once
enough flesh is consumed the Cenobites appear on earth lead by "the pope of darkness" himself,
Pinhead. This time we get to see more of Pinhead as well as some new Cenobites. The people in the
club get slaughtered and then the mayhem spills out into the streets. I love this film the best right
after the original film. A must for all fans of the
HELLRAISER series and some good Horror gore.