Starring: Bruce Ramsay, Doug Bradley, Valentina Vargas, Charlotte Chatton, Adam Scott & more.

In this fourth installment of the
HELLRAISER series it is taken in another new direction. The film
covers four generations of people who are tied to the puzzle box. It starts out in the past centuries
ago when a toy maker is paid to create the puzzle box for a wealthy eccentric man. He was into
some really bizarre and some satanic ritualistic stuff. He slaughters some women and then the
puzzle box gets filled with blood. Then we skip to the present day where we see an architect has
designed a building with the designs from the puzzle box. It is supposed to be the building from the
end of the third film where the box was buried in the foundation. The family is then tortured by the
Cenobites. Then we jump to the future with a bunch of people on a space ship who are also being
tortured by new Cenobites. This was the last of the good films in this series.