Starring: Stephen Smith Collins, Fred Tatasciore, Nick Eversman, Daniel Buran, Steven Brand & more.

This is the ninth installment in the
HELLRAISER franchise and by far the worst one yet. When this
series started out it quickly became one of my favorite Horror franchises. The 4th film was the last one
I really enjoyed and the series just kept going down hill from there. It had a few ups by adding Kari
Wuher and Lance Henriksen to a few of the sequels. This installment was done in 3 weeks and was just
made so that Dimension Films could keep the rights to the film franchise. They are planning a big
remake sometime soon too. Doug Bradly turned this down, because of how awful the script was and
they were going to cut his salary down big time. The story takes place in Mexico and follows two
people as they discover and open the box that leads them to the Cenobites. The story is horrible, the
acting was bad and the dialogue was even worst. There is only one Pinhead and that's Doug Bradly. The
new guys is almost comical as he tries to be as intimidating as Doug is. The only reason to watch this
film is if you have seen all the other
HELLRAISER films. This was a huge disappointment.