Starring: Robert DeNiro, Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen, Elisabeth Shue & Amy Irving.

This movie looked kind of creepy & a bit scary from the trailer. The story takes place in New York
City. Robert DeNiro & his wife are fighting a lot & going through some rough times. DeNiro finds
his wife dead in a tub one night & their daughter witnesses it. After the funeral that father & daughter
move to upstate New York in a huge house in the woods. After they move all in these strange &
bizarre things start happening Dikota tells her father that it's her new friend Charlie is doing all these
things. As more weird things happen the father becomes very angry & thinks the daughter is doing
these things. She insists it's Charlie & then the movie takes a twist. The film was really good, but it
wasn't what I was expecting it to be.