Starring: Monica Rial, Shelly Calene Black, Yukari Fukui, Nobuyuki Hiyama, Marina Inove & more.

A virus breakout turns the teachers and students of Fujimi High School into flesh eating Zombies. A
group of surviving students must arm themselves with home made weapons and fight back. The virus
will soon sweep across the globe if they don't do something to stop it. This is a Japanese Anime movie
filled with everything you could want from and Anuime film. There is a ton of action, blood, gore,
Horror, nudity and a lot more. The students bicker with each other as typical high school kids would all
while trying to find ways to kill of the Zombies that are after them. I not a huge Anime fan, but do love
Horror Anime and would think most Horror fans would love this even if they aren't into Anime. There
are twelve episodes in this series filled with tons of gore, blood, nudity and Zombies!!!