Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi & more.

Your probably thinking why am I reviewing a PG Animated film in with my Horror reviews? This is a
film that you would have thought
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS would have put out a long time ago. The
film features a lot of the classic
UNIVERSAL Horror icons as well as many others. Dracula,
Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster & his Bride, The Mummy, The Invisible Man & many others all
appear in the film. The film follows Dracula as he plays host to a bunch of guest as he runs the
HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA. This is a hotel where all types of monsters & creatures can come for
vacation. This hotel is a secret that they only know about. Dracula must also keep an eye on his
young daughter who has never left the hotels ground in her life. She has a want to explore outside of
the boundaries of the hotel. Her father tells her tales of how the humans are awful creatures that only
want to harm them and this is why she must where she is told to. The monsters all show up and start
having a party and the good times roll on. This is until a human shows up at their hotel. He is a lone
back packer roaming the European country side. Dracula tries to keep him a secret from all the other
monsters because they will start to panic if they know a human is in their midst. Of course Dracula's
daughter finds out and her and the human hit it off. The film is definitely a kids animated cartoon film,
but there is a lot of stuff for adults to enjoy about the film. I actually felt like a lot of the jokes were
very subtle and a lot of kids would never pick up on them. I think even most adults would miss a lot
of stuff unless they were already die hard Horror fans. All Horror fans should check this out so they
can get to see our beloved Horror icons in a different way and all together too.